Monday, December 22, 2008

Julie Chen CBS To Promote Julie Chen At All Costs

Swanni Predicts: CBS to Advance Julie Chen At All Costs

Monday, December 15, 2008, 02:36 PM

Swanni Predicts: CBS to Advance Julie Chen At All Costs

The wife of the network's CEO seems to account from her acceptable position.

By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (December 15, 2008) -- Editor's note: Over the next few weeks, Swanni will accomplish several predictions for HDTV in 2009. Here is his third prediction.

Is Julie Chen one of your 'favorite' CBS personalities?

CBS's promotional administration seems to anticipate so.

In a bartering airing now for the network's new primetime bold show, Million Dollar Password, (debuting Thursday night) Ms. Chen is noticeably featured as a celebrity adversary while a annotation gushes that you can see "your admired CBS personalities" on the program. Chen's animated face and animated physique is apparent during the bartering even added generally than the show's host, Regis Philbin.


Oh, did I acknowledgment that Julie Chen is the wife of CBS CEO Les Moonves?

Once again, the arrangement arch allegedly is application his access to promote, assure and canvass his wife to an biting audience. Chen, of course, is aswell the host of Big Brother, CBS' blah summer fill-in, and the co-host of the network's afflictive morning show, The Early Show.

Okay, bribery is annihilation new. I accept that. But Big Brother's ratings over the years accept been up and down, to be nice, while The Early Appearance is still ashore in third abode abaft ABC's Good Morning America and NBC's The Today Show.

CBS CEO Les Moonves and wife Julie Chen.

If Chen was anyone else's wife, would CBS be so affectionate to her and her programs? Would she be featured so noticeably on yet addition program?

I aboveboard agnosticism it. Big Brother apparently would accept been annulled continued ago (rather than go on now for 10 seasons) while The Early Appearance would accept been adored with a new set of hosts and hostesses.

Now, you may ask why a web website on High-Definition is autograph about this. Really, you are apparently allurement yourself, what does Julie Chen accept to do with high-def?

Well, interestingly, Big Brother is not in HD. The Early Appearance is not in HD. And Million Dollar Password is not in HD.

CBS has been a avant-garde in carrying shows in HD, but for some reason, all three shows featuring the CEO's wife are not in high-def.

Hmmm...Wonder why...

So, here's my prediction: Thanks to the boilerplate media absolutely blank this abandoned ethical snafu, Moonves will abide to acquisition means to put his wife advanced of the network. Regardless of how poor the ratings are, programs featuring Julie Chen will not alone be renewed, but they will be answer as if they are the Super Bowl.

And something tells me that they won't be in bright HD.


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