Monday, December 22, 2008

How to Improve 'Big Brother' - Replace Julie Chen

Really acceptable absoluteness TV hosts are the exception, not the rule. It's no simple job, and it's artlessly not abundant to attend a alternation forth after messing up on reside TV. A acceptable absoluteness host brings something to the table. Take my man Jeff Probst from Survivor – he is an invaluable resource. He exposes the subtext aural the bold via acicular interrogations at every affiliated council. He's affable after getting a push-over, and he makes absolute bonds with the contestants. He doesn't acquiesce for nonsense to go unquestioned. But, again you accept anyone like Julie Chen on Big Brother. She is affiliated to the CBS arch ambassador Les Moonves. It's not a accompaniment that she is the host of Big Brother, which happens to air on CBS. This wouldn't be an affair if Chen were acceptable at her job. But, alas, she is not.

What You Said:

bria100 said: host. I cannot angle Julie Chen as the host. She's so wooden. I would adulation to see anyone like Jeff Probst do it. He gets appropriate to it and doesn't authority back. Some of these humans charge to be alleged out added often.

Why Big Brother Should Replace Julie Chen

It's actual simple. Julie Chen is not decidedly accomplished at her job. She struggles during reside broadcasts, generally authoritative mistakes and appearing uncomfortable. Even if she doesn't blooper her lines, she is board and robotic. She brings annihilation to the table otherwise, and is usually a arid interviewer. She doesn't ad-lib actual able-bodied at all, and fails to ask clear-sighted aftereffect questions. A abundant host would accompany some bare professionalism to the series, and would add the added ambit of conceivably banishment Big Brother contestants to betrayal their easily while in the house.

Why Big Brother Shouldn't Replace Julie Chen

Because Les Moonves would be pissed. He wouldn't acquiesce it. Also, there are a cogent amount of Big Brother loyalists who subscribe to the “if it ain't broke, don't fix it” academy of thought. Any above cadre changes would acerbate up those abashed of change. I feel these humans are foolish, but you are out there.


Unfortunately, a change of host for Big Brother artlessly isn't traveling to happen, unless Les Moonves accomplish down, or Julie Chen agreeably retires on her own. It's a asset job, a almost simple one (given the lax responsibilities Chen is handed), and Big Brother has survived admitting Chen. There is no solution. Barring a phenomenon Julie Chen will host Big Brother until it leaves CBS for good.

Probability of Change: 3%

A change would accept occurred abounding seasons ago if it weren't for the Moonves connection. I am abiding of this. Big networks don't generally let constant mediocrity blooper by, abnormally if the ratings aren't stellar. But, in this appropriate case, Julie Chen charcoal the host for affidavit added than how able-bodied she does her job.

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